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Shoe Product Design: 3D Model and Render

3D Shoe Model

Everyone needs good and nice pair of shoes that will look nice with their out fit. Shoe cobblers try to achieve just that. They think and sketch shoe designs that could be appealing to customers. But the sketches aren't good enough to portray your concept to a client, right?

I was commissioned by this client to model and Render his sketches into a 3D photorealistic image.

This image was modelled, textured and rendered using a collection of 3D modelling software and photo editor to the requirement of the client.

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I serve client (individuals, shoe makers, shoe designers and companies) to make photorealistic 3D Product Design of shoe designs and concept. Images can be used for pre-production view, production reference, pre-order advert and campaigns, or e-commerce sales, and crowdfunding campaigns.

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